Safety Control Systems

Detect - Alarm - Notify

Model DCX Series

Safeguard Analytics DCX Series Control Systems deliver a high level of safety and reliability utilizing dual redundant processors as a standard control platform. Increased availability of the safety control system is achieved by adding optional dual and triple redundant controllers. Three variations create control products designed to meet a wide range of gas and flame detection applications. Modular packaging allows the customer to mix and match components at every level creating flexible and economical safety control solutions.


  • 7" or 10” Sunlight Readable Color Touch Screen
  • Dual Redundant CPUs
  • Dual – Triple Redundant Controller Options
  • Calibration and Alarm Event Logs up to 5 Years
  • Web Server Remote Access
  • Export Logged Data via USB or WEB
  • Import-Export Configuration via USB or WEB
  • Email, SMS and Push Notifications

IIoT Capable Gas and Flame Detection

Safeguard Analytics Safety Control Systems are designed to capture, store, and transmit critical operational data among smart field devices, local safety controls and remote access points. PIN controlled access from anywhere there is internet connectivity allows key personnel to view real time status of gas and flame detection systems and receive push notification in the event of critical alarms.

  • Improve safety system performance
  • Store - analyze critical performance data
  • Increased safety thru pre-emptive diagnostics
  • Better safety system asset management

Model DCX-600

Dual Redundant CPUs

64 Analog or Digital Inputs

64 Programmable Alarm Relays

Model DCX-1200

Dual CPUs Split Bus

128 Analog or Digital Inputs

128 Programmable Alarm Relays

Model FTX-600

Dual Redundant CPUs

Fault Tolerant Field Wiring

64 Analog or Digital Inputs

64 Programmable Alarm Relays

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